Wonder Woman & Mary J. Blige Music Video

Wonder Woman Image

I listen to music while I cook, so this weekend I created a random YouTube playlist while I zipped around the kitchen. I had about 2 hours of cooking ahead of me because on Fridays, I like to cook enough food to last through the weekend for my four kids. So I created this YouTube playlist, and right when I heard Mary J. Blige come one, I was dancing. You all know that I am a huge Wonder Woman fan, and to see Wonder Woman and Mary J. Blige in the same video- I was like WHAT??

What I like about the video is the new footage from the Wonder Woman movie – I had never seen it before and that was a bonus. Its blended with some old clips from the Linda Carter series. Linda Carter looks a bit out of shape in some of the clips. I guess times have changed – people back then must have thought that is what a fit woman looks like – but it todays world – she does not look athletic, and, could not be Wonder Woman. Mary J has a more athletic body than Linda Carter. Just sayin’

The beat of the song is mellow and not overbearing. Flows well. Its accented with a “wonder woman” vocal which must come from an old movie or cartoon. The “Love at First Sight” song had come out when I was in my early twenties, and it was Mary J’s first album in years that she did with Puff Daddy. Great fun album. I checked out some other mixes on the gettingphatter YouTube channel, and it was nice hearing songs that are familiar to me, told in a new way. They are quite unique.

Below you can find DJ Matheos’ SoundCloud page that has all these mixes: