What Do Sulfates Do To Your Hair?

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Traditional shampoos are filled with sulfates that can damage hair and scalp. If you want to protect your body, and keep your hair healthy, you need to use sulfate free shampoo. Below you will find out why sulfates are dangerous and how you can undo the damage that they have caused. You can see my recommendation for an organic shampoo set here.

While you have probably heard a lot about sulfates, it is important to understand what they are. In the world of chemistry, “sulfate” is a term that scientists use to label anything containing sulfuric acid salts. Shampoo companies frequently use a compound known as “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” in their products. This chemical is added because it creates a lot of foam when mixed with water, and works as a really powerful detergent.

When you wash with sulfates, the chemicals can grab on to any dirt or grime in your hair. Once attached, they strip away all the gunk, leaving your hair extremely clean. Unfortunately, there is a drawback too. Sulfates don’t just target the bad stuff in your hair, they also destroy all of the natural oils that your scalp produces. This can cause all types of problems.

Types Of Sulfates

While Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the most common sulfate that shampoo companies use, there are other variations as well. Some are even less potent and less harmful to your scalp. Baby shampoos, for example, use Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This is significantly less damaging than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and won’t be as likely to strip away your natural oils. However, there is a catch. Baby shampoos are often far less effective when it comes to cleaning your hair and getting rid of dirt. If you want to scrub out all the gunk, baby shampoos probably aren’t going to be powerful enough for you.

blond with sulfate free shampooYou Should Use Sulfate Free Shampoo If…

Swimmers are exposed to a lot of chlorine. This can be very harmful to your hair. Additionally, traditional shampoos destroy the natural oils that could protect your scalp fro the negative effects that chlorine has. With sulfate free shampoo, however, you can strip out all the nasty chlorine while still keeping your hair, and your head, safe.

People with sensitive scalps will really get a lot of relief from using sulfate free shampoo. The lack of sulfates will allow your scalp and hair to heal. Your head will feel less agitated and you’ll be able to recover from all the damage that traditional shampoos have caused you. Anyone who wants to preserve their vibrant hair color can use sulfate free shampoo to achieve their goal. A traditional shampoo will cause your hair to lose its color.

Choosing What Is Best For You

When most people pick a shampoo, they judge it by the wrong metrics. They look for products that create lots of foam and lots of bubbles, assuming that these are signs that the shampoo is working. In reality, excessive foam comes from companies filling their formulas with lots of sulfates.


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