I have been using the Chamomile Eye Cream with the Sea Kelp Mask

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What to use before: Sea kelp Mask

Using the Sea Kelp before makes an even skin tone and removes wrinkles. You can use this as a stand alone treatment or follow with a serum, moisturizer, or the Chamomile Eye Therapy. When you apply the mask, it will exfoliate with the enzymes and extract dead skin cells. It will polish with the minerals as your apply to your face. After the mask dried, you can wash it off, and as it washes off, it will also take with it all the dirt, toxins and bacteria it has extracted from your skin. Your skin will feel soft and wonderful. Recommended for all skin types. Men and women. All ages. Any skin regimen you are currently using, this can be added to it. The amino acids in the formula will exfoliate your skin and kill bacteria. Ultimately, it will polish your skin.


Chamomile Eye Therapy

This product addresses mature aging, such as deep crow’s feet and coarse wrinkles. It contains a stable form of Vitamin C which is excellent at combating the free radicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. The product is completely safe to be used on the upper eyelid. You can use it 360 degrees around the eyes. Can be used twice per day, morning and night. You can expect a moisture infusion, with the calming aroma of organic chamomile, for tired and stressed eyes. The product will address the deep lines and wrinkles, while adding the hydration necessary to keep eyes looking fresh and healthy.

organic eye therapy

Why do these ingredients work?

We are adding volume and moisture to the eyes, which is what these ingredients do. It makes the upper eyelids appear softer and and elevated due to this additional volume of hydration – plumpness. Hooding of the eyes can start in your early 30’s or 40’s, so it’s important to keep eyes moisturizing and volumized to avoid this hooding.

The antioxidants and vitamins in this product are also free radical aggressors. Fighting the free radicals is important for stopping future wrinkles from occurring. If you are a multitasker – you need a product that can do everything all in one. The product helps with tightening and improving the appearance of fine lines.

After multiple uses, customers can expect:

  • Smoother skin around the eyes
  • Skin feeling more moisturized
  • See visible improvement in fine lines & wrinkles
  • Less tired, stressed eyes