I tried Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Products – Review: Good & Bad

juice beauty stem cellular products

I tried Juice Beauty’s STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum & Moisturizer products, specifically all the products in the Anti-Wrinkle Solutions kit. Overall, of course I like the products. They are all high quality products. But, I think the collection is a bit of an over kill. You dont need that many products. I was happy just using the Stem Cellular Serum and the Stem Cellular Moisturizer. You do not need the Stem Cellular Neck Lifting Cream or the Stem Cellular Eye Treatment. The Serum and Moisturizer are powerful enough, that you do not need to pay extra for those two items. Its the same ingredients.

What I liked: Stem Cellular Booster Serum

Im usually extremely picky about what I put on my face, especially with my sensitive skin. Within about 4 days of using this serum daily, I definitely said WOW – it is brighter! The ingredients do work. You will see results. I definitely notice that my skin is softer and smoother – and this is truly anti-aging. I applied once a day, but sometimes twice per day before I went to sleep.

What I LOVED: Stem Cellular Moisturizer

I like that it has fruit stem cells! How cool is that! From my research they are rich in all sorts of vitamins and it definitely leaves my skin feeling hydrated and feeling good. No harmful chemicals at all in this moisturizer.

What I did not like

The only two products I did not like, where not so much because they are bad products. In fact, they are great products! But there is no need for them if you have the serum and the moisturizer. You can use both the serum and the moisturizer in areas of your eyes and neck to achieve the same effects – so its not worth it to spend the money just to get a new product.