Traditional Italian & Greek Skin Care

aloe vera traditional

There are certain ingredients that are the staple of Mediterranean cultures, and have solidified their stellar reputation as the best ingredients for maintaining healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients is a big factor in keeping your skin safe. Using herbs and other natural plants is common in Mediterranean cultures. Olive oil to keep the body young, bathe in aloe vera and eat healthy foods.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is referred to as the “miracle oil” due to its health benefits and anti-aging properties. It is rich in healthy fats like Vitamin E and antioxidants which are excellent at protecting against wrinkles, sun damage, and the effects of aging. Cultures throughout the Mediterranean have used olive oil both as a cooking ingredient and as a skin moisturizer. You can actually use Olive Oil used for cooking on your skin – but be careful though, as it will stain clothing. If you decide to do this type of treatment, it is recommended to apply the Olive Oil to your body, and then take a shower after one hour.

Aloe Vera Baths

Historically, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians are well know for their aloe vera baths. For centuries, people have been adding the gel from the aloe plant into their warm baths for its skin healing properties. Aloe vera is filled with Vitamin C, amino acids, and healthy enzymes.