Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Tea Tree Essential Oil

People tend to associate tea tree oil with treatment of skin problems, but did you know that it can also bring out the best in your hair?

Hair parasite, microbe and dandruff treatment

Beyond issues of debris and clogged pores, tea tree is renowned for being a gentle yet effective ally against more serious hair health and scalp health concerns. Tea tree oil has become one of the most effective natural treatments for dandruff.  Tea tree’s natural yeast and fungus fighting properties are excellent at removing dandruff.  Parasitic issues such as head lice and ringworm can be eradicated by tea tree essential oil diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the scalp or when added to a shampoo.

As a hair clarifier and hair normalizer

Tea tree is an exceptional hair moisture balancer.  Unlike other natural oils that could burden hair with more hydration than required, tea tree oil naturally finds a balance and encourages oil production in dry hair while controlling excessive oil production for oily hair.  Tea tree oil’s clarifying properties are valuable for hair and scalp.  Tea tree oil is a powerful solvent with the ability to remove residue from styling products, cleansers and conditioners that can settle on hair and deep within pores.  Dead skin cells, sebum and other natural substances known for clogging pores can also be nixed using tea tree.  This quality of tea tree is highly effective if used for the treatment of certain types of hair thinning and hair loss. While many may turn to standard clarifying cleansers to restore their hair, they might be doing themselves a disservice as most clarifiers target residue on hair and not on the scalp.  Furthermore, some of these clarifiers leave their own residues that can worsen the problem.  In other cases, tea tree can benefit those who have had little exposure to those types of issues but still require a balanced scalp, such as babies with cradle cap.

My Hair Products that Contain Organic Tea Tree Oil:

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