Tatcha Kyoto Red Lip Stick – Review

tatcha lip stock review

I recently was introduced to Tatcha Skin Care Products from a friend of mine that works in the skin department of Saks Fifth Avenue. He knows what he is talking about. He only uses Tatcha’s products, and I have noticed a major change in the appearance of his skin. Tatcha products are quite expensive! So, I wanted to try a bunch of them (thanks to my friends employee discount) and review several of them here for you. My favorite product so far is the Kyoto Red Lipstick.What I liked the most is that this is a healthy lip stick, because it does not contain mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, pthalates, or DEA / TEA. It does contain red coloring, and I reached out to the company to find out where it comes from, but i have not heard back yet. Over all, I love the color this lip stock provides. It is a quite large size, so I dont carry it around in my bag. Really just leave it at home. The packaging, tube and everything is an A+ the product is just beautiful! It lasts a long time – I drank a cup of coffee about 4 hours after applying it and it did not leave that many streaks. I have a medium skin tone, and the tone of this lip stick just fits my tone perfectly.

The red color itself is pretty deep.

tatcha red lip stick review
I do not like lipsticks that feel like crayon, and this definitely does not feel like crayon. I use it with a neutral lip liner and it just looks perfect. It is almost weight-less, I guess from all the good ingredients in this. When I first saw this lip stick, I thought it would have like an orange tint to it, but it does not – it may have just been the coloring of my monitor. the texture of the lip stick is amazing, and my own mother is constantly trying to steal it from me! When I wore this lip stick at night, it lasted throughout a dinner I had and only needed to be topped off with a lip gloss after 4-5 hours. I love this brand and I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to this great skin care line!