Somaluxe Lip Rescue: Review & My Experience

SOMALUXE lip rescue

Hyalurnoic acid for my lips is something I just found out about recently and I am surprised how good it works! It not only hydrates and plumps but also locks moisture in. In short, hyaluronic acid works by helping to fill wrinkles and promote collagen production. somaluxe-lip=rescue1
I am now using the Somaluxe Lip Rescue, and its not irritating to my lips. Most of the lip plumpers I have tried had made my lip hurt and burn. This is does not. I emailed the company to ask why, and they stated that this version of hyaluronic acid is referred to as botanical hyaluronic acid, which is a natural form. You can feel the plumpness after the first application. There is a surge of hydration, and the hyaluronic acid will keep replenishing your lips with moisture. 

This brand, Somaluxe, manufactures their products under Good Manufacturing Products (GMPs) and are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). They also have a hydrating lip balm and lip gloss that are next on my list to try!