Somaluxe Brightening Serum: How it Works

somaluxe brightening serum

I have been using Somaluxe products for several years now (reviewed their products in the past), and after emailing Lady Soma multiple times to get a free sample of their Somaluxe Brightening Serum, unfortunately, they would not send me one to review 🙁 Boo. So, I am already unhappy with them. But I did find the product on sale and for cheaper on Amazon, so I purchased the Brightening Serum on Amazon. The good news is, I actually like it and it does work well.

Brightened my skin in 3 days

I saw some difference in my skin by day 2, it actually looked healthier, but it took 3 days until I noticed my skin was actually brighter. I am using this serum because I have an uneven skin tone, age spots, dark spots, hyper pigmentation – you name it, and my face has it. So I am always looking for products that will give me an even skin tone.

How I use the Brightening Serum

I have been applying the Brightening Serum morning and night, and its on the third day I really noticed the difference. After cleansing with a strong cleanser – again, I need a cleanser with acids in it (gycolic acids, amino acids – in order to even my skin tone). After cleansing, I dry my face, and I put two pumps of the serum all over the areas of my face. Two pumps is enough to more than cover my face (I tend to use a lot of product anyway).

After the serum is applied, you can actually feel it working. I can actually feel the collagen keeping my skin plump – it really does look healthy. And I do feel a slight tingling (not very noticeable) but just enough, and I know that is the skin lightening action. Its rare to find a product that both evens skin tone, while giving me much needed collagen.

somaluxe brightening serum

Speaking of Collagen

I always look for collagen in all my products. Ever since I started using products with collagen, I have noticed that my skin looks “plumper”. By plumper I mean that it is soft, looks baby fresh and smooths out my wrinkles. I just love the way my face feels when I have a collagen product on it. If you have not had collagen in your products, you should try them. It is a big difference.

Here are some of my feelings in using the Brightening Serum:

  • It is not greasy or oily, and makes my skin feel soft.
  • Visible spots have disappeared after 3 days of use
  • My eyes are not so baggy anymore, and neither are the lines around my mouth (I think this is because of the collagen)
  • The overall texture of my skin is much smoother and softer

I have received several emails from people about which cleansers work best for brightening the skin (since as I mentioned before I have splotchy skin – hyperpigmentation and uneven tone), and I have found the following cleansers to work the best with the Somaluxe Brightening Serum:

Somaluxe Amino Acid Face Wash

The Somaluxe Amino Acid Wash works for evening skin tone because it has both glycolic and amino acids in it. I know that sounds like it would burn your face but it does not. It is actually soft, it makes a nice creamy foam, no burning – and my face feels squeaky clean afterwards. Some people do not like a squeaky clean face – I do, because then its perfect to apply a moisturizer over a squeaky clean face. I noticed while combining the Somaluxe Amino Acid Wash with the Somaluxe Brightening Serum, my dark spots have faded and my skin tone has evened.

 Burts Bees Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser

I love this Burts Bees Brightening Cleanser as well! I use both this and the Somaluxe Amino Acid Cleanser and switch between the two. Because they are both so good at evening my skin tone. The Burts Bees Brightening Cleanser does not feel greasy or oily either. No burns, no rashes, no weird red marks afterwards. Its definitely “lighter” than the Somaluxe Amino Acid, but sometimes you dont need something so strong, and thats where the Burts Bees comes into play.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

I read some negative reviews about this product, but I realized these reviewers were not using the product the right way! The over used it! I did see long term results after using this product, and after you use it – your face does feel like silk. Its definitely exfoliating and an excellent makeup remover!


  1. Hi, is this an honest review? Suffering from discolouration around mouth since 10.I am 27 now. I am sri lankan and gave very sensitive skin.will this be irritating on my skin.pls reply

  2. I have tried many of the products on here, and I agree that the Somaluxe works the best for hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Its not magic, but after 1-2 weeks of using it, the dark spots do become lighter.