So happy I finally got a light up shower head!


I was watching an infomercial at my friend’s house, and it was the most ridiculous invention – a light up showerhead. I turned to my friend and said “Hey – that is so ridiculous, but I really want one!”. One week later, I was just going through emails, and I had an opportunity to review one. A good one!

I was sent the Dream Spa Ulta Luxury Rainfall LED Showerhead. I love showering at night now with all the lights off! Its so relaxing! Here is a picture from my first shower with this shower head at night:

glow in the dark shower head

It is quite large. It really does feel like gentle rainfall. I had another similar shower head before this one that was suppose to be like rainfall, but this one is definitely gentler, and bigger – and smoother. Love it a lot more. There is no need for batteries for this thing, because its powered using the hydropower of the water – very cool. But that leads to the only thing I don’t like about it: it does make a noise. My other showerhead did not make noise – but this one does. And Im not sure if its just my water pressure or the hydropower recharging the batteries, but there is a slight HMMMMMM, or the sound of like a machine working. The first day I did not like that. Now I have it for about two weeks, and I really don’t notice it.

I thought the noise would make me want to change the shower head again, but in fact I got used to it and really like how this shower head creates rainfall. Its worth the a little extra noise for such a good showerhead. Its on for sale on Amazon for $49 and you can buy it here.