Skin Care Ingredient Labels – How to Read Them?

sunscreen labelling

At times having the know-how on how to read and interpret skin care labels on a various product is a challenge. On the other hand, it’s essential to have skills and the ability to understand the listed ingredients of a skin care product in order to figure out the exact ingredients that are effective on your skin before purchasing the item.

You should be able to identify specific components and understand how they function. An article consists of a list of ingredients used to make that item at the back of the product or at times it’s packed in conjunction with its manual which gives the list of ingredients and directions on how to use the product.

fda labelling

  • Ingredients are written in descending order from the highest concentration to the lowest frequency. They are also in a standard format to enable all similar products to be compared effortlessly for safety.
  • If you see a particular ingredient at the end of the list, you should not be worried because a small amount of that ingredient is present in the product. This is because Active ingredients only need to be contemporary in the combination for at least 0.5% to be effective. Because little of it is needed that’s why it’s placed at the end of the list.
  • Don’t fall for a fool by marketing tricks when going through the ingredients. Various brands write things that are not true like “dermatologist proved or tested.”
  • When going through the ingredients, you should be aware that some forms of the product may be camouflaged as others. For example, some manufacturers can grade the preservative as a” fragrance” in the ingredient listing, and brand it making it appear like the product is free from any chemical.

When purchasing oils, it’s important to know the right type of oil you use and the different ingredients that it contains. Oils have a high demand in the market. Some oils are manufactured in a manner that they oxidize rapidly at different rates. So it’s a big loss if you purchase an expensive oil treat and later realize it has already gone wrong and can no longer give you the service that you require.

For sun screen users, you should not only read the SPF number written on the product but also consider the ingredients used in forming the mixture. This is because not all sun screens work similarly. Some act as barriers to UV rays while others are made using certain chemicals that instead absorb the rays.


Labeling is defined as all printed, written or graphic materials accompanying a product. The law requires that when marking the information (law and regulations) it should be written in English. It’s crucial for a cosmetic product to be properly labeled before being released to the consumers. FDA and Cosmetic Act is a body that ensures all cosmetics are appropriately labeled and packed. It safeguards the consumer’s interests by issuing laws and regulations intended to protect all consumers from harm by enabling them to make well-versed decisions regarding product purchase.

Information panel: This where the information meant for the user is written. The following information should be present on the information panel.

An identity statement: This includes a fanciful or evocative name well known by the consumers. It should include the nature and the use of the product.

The product should contain the material facts, failure to that it’s referred to as misbranded. It should include information like, if the product is unsafe if misused or directions for safe use. It’s illegal to sell misbranded products, and such cosmetics are exposed to regulatory action.

How can a product be declared misbranded:

  • Failure to provide adequate information
  • If the product labeling is misleading and false.
  • If the poison prevention and Packaging finds the labeling violated.
  • If the necessary required label information is not well presented.
  • All skin care products should contain caution and warning statements. FDA strictly states that all goods should include statements to warn and advise consumers if the product is hazardous or poisonous and if misused. Also if the product is flammable or not.
  • Still, on the information, the consumer must be able to see the ingredients used to manufacture the product. Most skin care products are sold to the customers on a retail basis. Ingredients should be written in a descending order of predominance.
    If the product is a drug, it must also comply with cosmetic and Over the Counter drug labeling specifications. The drug ingredients used to formulate the product should be listed differently according to the OTC requirements, and the aesthetic components must also appear separately.