Side Effects from Using AZO for a UTI


Every woman has probably experienced the nastiness of yeast infection at some point of her life. It is quite common to get a few ones per year. It is when have to deal with excessive growth of yeast in the vagina that usually leads to a list of evil symptoms that includes itchiness and pain while urination.

Yeast infection has a lot of bad symptoms that cause discomfort like swelling around the vagina and pain during sex but luckily there are also a lot of over the counter medications and recipes that help you keep it in check.

I tried Azo like millions of women but I have to say that there is more to it than what you might think. Azo does help with yeast infection; nevertheless, I had to deal with some of the side effects.

On the bright side, I faced no change concerning my appetite, which is a good thing. I didn’t feel the urge to eat more or gained any weight. In fact, I was already feeling better as I felt that it might really work to take the itchiness and discomfort away.

I did, however, deal with some of the famous and common side effects. Azo made me feel bloated and gassy all the time. Yes, I didn’t feel like hungry all the time, but I always felt heavy and full. I also had some problems with digestion and this made me pretty much uncomfortable.

I also started to feel more “down” when I started taking Azo. I felt tired and worn out and I faced a continuous feeling of fatigue. Feeling down, wasn’t only physical as I also felt emotionally drained. Let’s just say that these weren’t the happiest days of my life. I had to deal with some ugly mood swings that made my jumpy and irate on several occasions. I was unable to tell if it was actually the Azo or the whole situation that I was going through. I did feel some headache and a little discomfort that made me quite unable to be myself. But again, I was unable to be myself with the nasty yeast infection that was bothering me and affecting the quality of my life.

Azo used to give me a metallic taste that made me uncomfortable most of the time. This might have contributed to the feeling of fullness and my lack of appetite. The metallic taste wasn’t very strong all the time but it was quite overwhelming at some points that it made me feel nauseous. It was pretty much stronger in the mornings but would go away once I started to have something to eat and drink.

Another thing that I had to deal with was excessive vomiting. I felt nauseous all the time and actually did throw up on several occasions. Again the continuous feeling of fullness also contributed to the evilness I felt crawling up inside of me. I know that it is a common side effect that many people have to deal with but at some points it was so strong for me.

Azo is supposed to help with the ugly symptoms of yeast infection, among which is the vaginal discharge. But in my case, these just didn’t seem to go away right away. I had to deal with them for quite some time. The itchiness was getting better and I was beginning to feel that my vagina was getting better, but I still had to deal with the ugly white discharge.

I also had some difficulty with the trips to the toilet. I had some nasty diarrhea that made me feel more worn out and tired. You know how it feels when you just feel like you are losing energy every time you need to go. This was definitely a known side effect to the Azo as I did some research and found that I wasn’t the only one who had to deal with the weird bowel movements. I did have to go a lot so I tried to drink more water as I felt that the dehydration is further increasing the fatigue and the continuous metallic taste I am dealing with. My stool was usually pale and whitish in color which made me a bit uncomfortable but again the internet was a life saviour when I found out that many people faced the same problem when they started administering Azo to fix their yeast infection problem.

I found that the best thing is not to take Azo after a heavy meal. Yes, it will keep your vaginal health in check and it will make you feel good about yourself but the nausea can be a bit overwhelming. Some people can’t tolerate this, but then everything comes with a price and this was the price I had to pay to get rid of the ugly yeast infection that was turning the life of my vagina into living hell. However, you should not take Azo on an empty stomach. It is a good medicine but it might cause some discomfort if you didn’t have a light snack before you take it.

Azo is a great medication and it does help with yeast infection, but I think it only helps if your infection has just started. Once you have a strong and recurring serious infection, you will find that you need something way stronger than Azo. It could be, however, used to prevent the occurrence of yeast infection and I think that this is where it excels but other than that, I believe that it is just too weak to fix a serious yeast infection situation. It is a good medicine that you can make as a part of your regular health routine to avoid an ugly yeast infection that can cling to your body and would take a lot of time to go away.

With all the side effects, I still choose Azo because the good benefits I received are just great. A yeast infection is known to be living hell to anyone who has experienced it and Azo does help to keep it in check.