Why Your Routine Should Include Retinol Serums


Have you ever pictured yourself in the future and wondered what your skin would look like? The earlier you start taking care of your skin the better. Ever ask a woman with beautiful skin what her secret was? Chances are she answered, “Start young!” Use of retinol is appropriate for ALL age groups. Retinol face serums can be used by teenagers to stop acne. Older people can use it to stop the aging process to the face with anti-wrinkle creams. Anti-wrinkle creams can be started in your late 20s, early 30s.

You can avoid retinol serum side effects by introducing retinol into your routine slowly. It is likely that face serum with retinol may come with strengths such as .15%, .5%, or even 1%. Mild retinol products do not always list the concentration but most strong serums will so that users are aware of the higher risk of irritation. It is important that you start off using a mild product.

Start off using a mild serum every other day in the beginning. If you have sensitive skin, use it every third day. Gradually work your way up to daily use of a mild product. After using a mild product daily for a few weeks, try adding a .5% retinol serum to your routine by using on alternate days with your mild product. Repeat the process with a 1% serum. Consistency is important! Keep up with your routine as to not disturb your skin. Try not to rush the results by using something too strong, too fast. By taking your time, the skin will become used to the ingredient without excessive irritation.
The absolute best thing that any female can do for her skin is to avoid cigarette smoking. As if you needed another reason to keep away from cigarettes, the retinol can help prevent damage but can never overcome the damage that is caused by smoking. Smoking is one of the worst things someone can do to their skin.

  • Start as soon as you can but be ready to keep up with it!
  • If you are ready to use a face serum containing retinol, remember to start off mild and gently work your way up to a stronger product.
  • Always use a sun block with your retinol product to prevent your skin from being sensitive from sunlight.
  • Acne creams may be used as soon as your teenage years and anti-wrinkle creams may be used in your late twenties/ early thirties.
  • Avoid smoking because retinol will not help all of the smoke related damage.
  • Take care of your skin as best you can, starting as early as you can!