Reviv Serums – Telom Erase Serum – LOVE !


On a daily basis, twice per day (morning and night), I have been using the Telom Erase Serum from Reviv Serums, and I am so please with the results. They sent me 2 sample sized bottles, which I at first thought were small – but even after 10 days, I only went through half a bottle. You only need a very little bit of this product to cover your whole face – I love that! I hate products that you need to use a lot of the product. This one, just a small amount will do.


Its yellow in color, and does have a distinct odor of something chemical – but it definitely does work. I have dry/normal skin, so usually after I use a serum, I need another moisturizer, because serums aren’t moisturizing enough for me. With this serum, I did not need another moisturizer and I loved that. I love just putting on one product that does everything – tone, feed and moisture my skin.

On the bottle is says that this is a 6-in-1 multi corrective product, and their website has a lot of information on what these ingredients are. What I really like is they have a lot of before and after photos. I wish i took some before / after photos, because Im telling you I really like this serum – its powerful and does work! From their website: In a blind study, 100% of human test participants experienced improvement in the appearance of UV sun spots, as well as 24-hour skin moisturization; 90% of panelists had an improvement in pore size; 75% had improvement in skin firmness.

Those are good results!