Returning to work for new moms

Working moms

When you’re patient for so long waiting for your baby to arrive it can feel like forever. Then, when the baby finally arrives, all you want to do is hold and play with them all day long. Being a mom is rewarding and fulfilling, and there are many moms who are fortunate enough to be able to stay home with their babies and enjoy every special moment. However, there are many moms as well, who have to return to work after their maternity leave.

It’s not easy to leave your baby at home or at a daycare and go back to work.

In fact, it may even be incredibly difficult to focus on your work at the office for the first few days because you’re so busy thinking about your baby and wondering what they’re doing or if they’re being well taken care of. No matter how long you’ve been home with your baby while you were not at work, it could have been 3 weeks, 3 months, or even 3 years, you will find it difficult to return to a life of working a 9-5 job outside of your home. But, with a little preparation, it can be a smooth transition back to work.

So, if you have to return to work after having a baby there are a few important things that you must consider and prepare for first. The main, and probably the most important, task is finding a reliable and loving person or facility to take care of your precious baby. Researching and visiting daycares will be your number one priority before you return to work. You want to make sure this task is checked off your list first so that you don’t experience anxiety or worry trying to find someone different to take care of your baby from day to day, instead of having a permanent caregiver that you can count on each day.

After you return to work, you will also have to create a new schedule for home and work.

You have gotten used to maintaining a schedule for your centered around eating, sleeping, and playing. Now, you must switch it up to include your full day at work, then coming home to the baby. So, it is imperative that you create a schedule that is flexible, but also consistent with your work day and home. This schedule will be one for you and one for the baby as well. In addition, when you’re back at work, you may need to discuss with your boss the option to change your work schedule when necessary to accommodate a sick baby who has to stay home from day one day, or when baby has a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day, or when you need a 30 minute break so you can find a quiet spot to pump breastmilk to store for the baby. These are all important things to consider before you return to work.

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Whether you are returning to work out of necessity or personal desire, it is not to be taken likely. It comes with thoughtful consideration and preparation. However, remember that it’s only a job, and don’t let it control your life. You became a mom out of the precious and selfless desire to have a special person born out of the love that you and your husband share become a part of your life forever. A job is simply that – a job. Do not let allow it to take precedence over this special person in your life.

As the famous saying goes, “Work to live, don’t live to work.”