Pregnant with Acne – Do Not Use Retin-A

pregnant and retin-a

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion. It is truly a miracle that women’s bodies were made for carrying children. In my 20’s I did get a bit of acne. I absolutely loved when I got pregnant with my daughter a few years ago, I didn’t know my body was going to rebel against me.  Granted, I was lucky in that I did not have any morning sickness; I was just really tired all of the time.  One of the biggest problems I encountered being pregnant is that I wasn’t allowed to take a couple of my medications because they might harm my baby.  

I had to toss my Retin-A in the garbage

I didn’t think it was going to be a problem.  I could handle a couple of pimples.  Except – it was a little more than a few pimples.  It was my teenage years laughing at me all over again. At first, the normal pimples poked through on my face.  I was prepared, however, in that I did my research.  Tons of pregnant women recommended putting toothpaste on each pimple as soon as it appears.  So each night before I went to bed, I did a “pimple” check and dabbed toothpaste on my face.

My husband finally told me that the toothpaste nonsense needed to stop

Apparently not only was the smell of mint overpowering our bedroom, the toothpaste was all over the pillows and sheets.  I move around a lot when I sleep and sometimes I take my husband’s pillow in the middle of the night.  (Not on purpose!)  It used to be a joke, until one night when he took it back and laid his head smack dab on a pile of crusted minty toothpaste. To be honest, the toothpaste really didn’t work anyway.  

I tried a raw egg concoction that I saw on a pregnancy website 

This woman swore to this “recipe” to cure pregnancy acne.  Basically, I slathered raw egg on my face.  Now, for those who have never been pregnant (or men) who are reading this, you have probably heard that women may lose their taste for certain foods during pregnancy.  Believe it.  The feel of raw egg on my face made me almost vomit, and remember, I didn’t have morning sickness.  Have you ever smelled a raw egg?  It might not smell bad the majority of the time, but because pregnant women’s senses go into overdrive, we can smell everything.  There is a certain pungent smell to a raw egg.  Let’s just say that my daughter in three-years-old and I haven’t had an egg for three years.

I kept posting my homemade acne recipes on Facebook and luckily, one of my friends took pity on me.  She told me as long as I was trying natural ingredients, why not leave it to people who actually know what they are doing.  She had a good point.  I ordered the full acne treatment from Citrus Clear and crossed my fingers that it would work.  After a week or so, there was success!  Not only had those nasty pimples disappeared, my skin was so smooth.  My husband actually wanted to touch my face again.  (He stopped during the toothpaste episode.)

I actually kept using Citrus Clear after I had my daughter.  I figured as long as it kept working, why change?

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