Gifts for My Sister – Organic Skin Care Products

my friend amy

I decided to get my sister Amy a gift because she has been an incredible sister to me. It was not Christmas or her birthday – it was just a normal day and I just wanted to make her feel special. I also thought I could get a blog post out of it! So, ordered some organic skin care products online and I sent them to her. Her instructions were to use them religiously for about 1 week in order to really test them out.

green tea cleanser


Green Tea Toxin Cleanser

Amy says that “It’s not your traditional gel cleanser. It has more of a moisturizer sort of texture, very soft and creamy.” She says she uses the cleanser and a warm facecloth to remove all traces of her makeup. She says it’s very gentle, natural and nurturing to the skin, and it’s great for sensitive skin because it’s free from additives and preservatives which can irritate your skin. Even though I have acne-prone skin I do get quite sensitive. I’ve tried a lot of the different brands from the supermarket, the ones you get from the chemist, pharmacy, drugstore, and I find a lot of them do contain ingredients that tend to irritate my skin and make it dry and flaky, so it’s really great to see that Made from Earth does not do this. 


The Three Berry Face Cream

This moisturizer has a gel-like consistency. Amy doesn’t use it during the day because with her primer and makeup, it tends to get quite heavy, but she uses it at night-time on all areas of her face except the parts that are prone to acne. “It’s really nicely moisturizing, contains antioxidants such as blueberry and raspberry extract and also aloe vera which are very kind and nurturing to the skin. The smell isn’t offensive. a lot of these products from made from Earth are not offensive whatsoever, they don’t have an overpowering smell, they just smell quite pleasant.”

organic aloe vera

Pure Aloe Vera Skin Treatment

This treatment contains a potent and natural form of aloe vera for skin healing. Amy doesn’t use this every day, she uses it just a couple of times a week as a skin treatment on any areas of redness or sun damage. Amy says, “I remember that when I was little, mom used to put a little bit of aloe vera juice from the aloe vera plant out in the backyard whenever we got sunburn, so it would make sense that this treatment would be really good to nurture and calm the skin down and repair any tissues that are damaged from sun damage… It has a similar texture to the cleanser, but it’s quite a creamy texture. It would be quite good for reducing any irritations or redness”

night cream

Olive Night Creme

This product is specifically designed for dry skin or very mature skin. Since Amy doesn’t have dry or mature skin, she just used it as an eye cream, dotting a very small amount to her undereye area. She said that she woke up to nicely hydrated and moisturized skin under her eyes and “if you have dry skin this would be great.” It contains olive oil and olive butter extract that improve skin elasticity while smoothing lines and wrinkles.

citrus lip balm

Citrus Fresh Organic Lip Balm

“It has a really nice scent to it, it’s got essential oils such as orange, lemon and lime so they make it have a fruity, punchy smell. It’s very moisturizing, it contains organic beeswax, it doesn’t have any petroleums… I think it serves its purpose as a natural lip balm. It keeps your lips moisturized all day. I applied it at night time and when I wake up I have nice soft lips. I think they’d be a really good gift idea. They come in many flavors and scents, so there’s lots to choose from.”

She really likes the fact that Made from Earth is naturally based, and recommends that anyone with sensitive skin should check out the website. She also loves that the company doesn’t test on animals. “I do believe that if you can make the most eco-friendly and cruelty-free choice, that’s a fantastic option to go for.”

She mentioned that it only took a week to ship the products from the U.S to Australia, which isn’t bad in terms of shipping. Amy mentions that, “The contact person I spoke to was very lovely so if you have any questions, please email them.”