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organic tea tree shampoo and peppermint conditioner

The Organic Tea Tree & Protein Shampoo

tea tree oil shampoo

This organic shampoo contains tea tree oil, and wheat proteins.Tea tree oil is antibacterial, it’s very cleansing, and it can also treat the skin if it’s used in small doses.I think it’s great to have in a hair product, because say for example you have dry skin or itchiness in your scalp, if you’re prone to dandruff or you’ve got oily, oily hair or oily skin, it will really normalize your scalp. It really feels as if it had a cleansing action. I loved it because I felt like it treated my scalp and my hair. It’s completely organic and natural.

I was surprised that the product had quite a lot of foaming action despite the fact that it doesn’t have any sodium laureth sulfate, a chemical which can be harsh on sensitive skin and which I dont like using on any products.

It really did the job I felt amazingly fresh and clean what i loved about it was that you don’t have to use very much, it had a very liquid-y consistency. Some shampoos are very thick and gooey, but this is light and moves around quickly when you put it in your hair so you can really move it to areas of your scalp that you want to clean, and you don’t need very much either. I loved the way it felt and the way it smelled.

Organic Peppermint Conditioner


peppermint conditioner organic

The product goes a long way. Since this organic peppermint conditioner has a creamier consistency, you only need a little bit. It smells absolutely gorgeous and very peppermint-y.  I put it on my scalp, on my fringe, and everywhere. I didn’t leave it on for very long, I just put it on and rinsed it off. It turned out to be perfect for my low-maintenance hair routine.

I stepped out of the shower, towel dried my hair and left it, and my hair dried and turned into a shape that looked as if I had just left the hairdresser. It looked as if it had been blow-dried. It felt really light, and I can still feel the lightness.

My Benedict really commented that my hair felt different because of the shampoo and the conditioner. He said “Oh my goodness, your hair feels amazing.”

It was amazing. I think these two things, the shampoo and the conditioner in combination just work brilliantly. No one is paying me to do this… I just thought i’d talk about it because I haven’t experienced this in a long, long time where my hair just falls into this naturally. I think it would suit every hair type.