Ocean Minerals Cleanser from Oz Naturals

Oz Naturals Face Wash

If you are a reader of my blog, then you have for sure heard me raving about the important of using healthy skin care products and avoiding products that have chemicals. You will also know that I am huge fan of Oz naturals, and their products are my favorite for my sensitive skin. For the last month, I have been using the Oz Natural Ocean Minerals Face Wash – and it works great even for my sensitive skin. It comes in a beautiful blue tube with a white cap – and its easy to dispense – especially for those mornings where I can barely open my eyes.

My favorite thing about this product is that even though my skin is super sensitive, I can still use this strong face wash around my eyes, and it doesn’t really irritate it. Its a great makeup remover as well. Usually with organic face washes, they really do not do a good job at cleaning your skin – and especially removing make up. Not with this one – I just put it on and the makeup is off in two seconds. The product is like a light gel, that when applied to a moist face starts to foam and bubble – and you can actually feel the product working. The smell is gentle – but there is a slight like alcohol type of smell that does along with this. I am assuming that is the foaming agents. I also checked the ingredients to Skin Deep, and I can verify that the foaming agents in this product are from organic and natural sources and are not known to cause any skin irritation.

I love that this product has a high amount of rosehip oil in it, which is rich in the essential fatty acids, and is very effective at fighting signs of aging, and dry skin. Rose Hip Oil also can be used as a scar treatment, and on stretch marks. Its known for its nourishing properties that hydrate and moisturize the area where you apply it. Other notable ingredients include: Aloe Vera for healing, moisturizing; MSM for a skin softening and Lavender water for calming the skin.