My New Winter Eye Cream from Oz Naturals

Oz Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Cream

As everyone knows, I am always trying new skin care products that are exclusively natural / organic and have no harmful chemicals. But even though I try so many products, I do like to stick to the brands I like, and OZ Natural is one of my favorites. I have tried and reviewed the Oz Natural Organic Eye Gel, and saw a major difference in the tightness of my skin when the bottle was done. So, when I saw the Ultra Ageless Eye Creme on Amazon, I was thrilled to try it. They have similar ingredients, but one is a gel and one is cream. It really depends on what you prefer, but i like to switch up my routine a lot – sometimes I use the gel and sometimes I use the cream.

First thing I noticed about this was all the good information on the box about the product. Here are some of the key ingredients which make this eye cream so good:

  • Matrixyl
  • Coffee Seed Extract
  • Algae Extract
  • Carrot Root Extract
  • Vitamin E

I have been using this cream in the morning instead of my daily moisturizer, and it does a great job at moisturizing but also I have noticed a reduced puffiness around the eyes, and definitely notice how it fills in some of the fine lines I have (although I do not have many). I believe this is from the matrixyl ingredient – its like a skin plumper. From my knowledge of these ingredients the carrot root and the algae serves as an noninflammatory which makes your skin less inflamed or puffy, and less red if you have rosacea. I just use inn the morning, and then after 2-3 minutes when its absorbed, I apply my eye makeup. I don’t use a lot of eye makeup because I don’t need it.

I bought the 1 oz size on amazon, and I have been using for about 1 month now, and I still have a good amount left in the bottle. That is because you only need a little amount – the product spreads really well and I love that! Always looking to save money. Another thing is, I am a working mom, with multiple kids who constantly require my attention. I do not have the time to use multiple products (toners, serums, moisturizers etc) – I like that this one product does it all.


One other thing that Oz Natural does really well, is they have sanitary packaging. In all of their packaging that I have tried, I like that its all recycled, and the product cannot get contaminated by bacteria infused hands. this is very important to be as I want all my skin care products to be totally free of harmful bacteria – you don’t want those on your face!

If you have under eye bags, and your eyes just look tired – this can help. But its also not a replacement for good sleep, diet and just being over all healthy. I always say skin care is like 20% of any beauty regime. There is no skin care product that will fix tired eyes due to not sleeping. But if you have all those things in check, then I would highly recommend this, as it hit all my buttons. My eyes look fresh and it moisturizes and does not have any harmful chemicals. It left my skin feel moisturized and not oily, which is important if you are going to wear this under makeup. Especially for me since my eyes are sensitive, I can use this product around my eyes, and there is no watering or stinging like I have had with some other eye creams.

The coffee extract and caffeine is what adds to the tightening effect – which is why i prefer to use this product during the day. I feel that this product also creates like a skin barrier – because my face feels protected throughout the day. In looking at some of the ingredients and doing Google searches on them, I have learned that the antioxidants in this eye cream do create a protective barrier which prevents future signs of aging and protects your skin from external factors.