My Daughters Acne

teenager with acne

My older daughter, Sofia, would always cry when she looked in the mirror and saw a couple of red spots appearing on her forehead. One morning my younger daughter, Lucia, screamed when she saw the same red spots on her cheek. It broke my heart to see my daughters upset!

Weeks had passed and my girls refused to go to school for three days because they were ashamed of showing their faces- they even cloaked themselves in disguises when they went shopping in a neighborhood store. Their days were spent scrubbing their faces with anything they could buy, grab or spread on their faces.

Acne always bothered me, but seeing my girls suffer really made me want to search for the best acne solution on the market that works. My friend mentioned Citrus Clear products, and then I googled them, and decided to give them a try. I thought it might help my daughters, but I also happily discovered that it helped my adult skin too.

My girls tried Citrus Clear immediately. After a few days, I overheard them jumping and screaming while I was eating my breakfast. I ran toward their room and was amazed with what I saw- they were laughing and dancing in front of the mirror and showed me their faces. Their acne had subsided considerably. Sure, a few pimples were still visible, but most were gone. I couldn’t believe it! Lucia grabbed a pillow and throw it right at my face and they both laughed.

Control Acne Face Wash

It was only then that I read what was written on the face-wash bottle. The product is made from citrus, extracted by cold process and Citrus Clear doesn’t test them on animals, which is quite comforting to me.

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Sofia and Lucia have never missed school or covered their face when shopping due to their acne. It warms my heart to see my daughters happily satisfied looking in the mirror each day!