My Childhood Acne Was Horrible!


Some people say they would never go back to high school. Not me. I would go back to high school in a second; I would never go back to elementary school. While every kid in my class was having fun with their friends on the playground, I was usually alone. Ostracized not because I was a horrible person. I never said a mean word to anyone. I wasn’t invited to one birthday party; and it was all because of my face. I had childhood acne and it was horrible.

It started when I was in third grade.

I noticed a few pimples at first. Then one morning when I woke up, it was as though my face exploded overnight. My face was red, itchy and was covered with acne. My mother took me to the pediatrician it was a rash. He took one look at me and told my mom is was acne. Supposedly it was just a phase. Most prescription topical medication was too powerful for children. My face would clear itself in time.The doctor, however, didn’t tell me that I would endure years of torment from bullies. I went from a normal kid to the kid no one wanted to be around. Just like my face that exploded overnight, my friends disappeared. They reappeared as my tormentors. I learned to cope. I concentrated on my classes. After 5th grade, our elementary class was split. About 75% of my classmates went to one middle school and the other 25% went to another middle school. I felt lucky that I was in the 25% category. I hoped that I was going to get a fresh start.

I guess you could say that I stayed under the radar in middle school. I made a few friends – other kids who were bullied for stupid reasons. My pediatrician still wouldn’t prescribe anything for my face because of my age. It didn’t matter, however, because I had already given into my acne. Another year passed by and before I knew it, I was in high school. Again, I kept to myself and formed a band with my friends. When the annual Battle of the Bands date was announced, I wanted to sign-up. My band mates were definitely not keen on the idea. We weren’t used to standing out and this was the second most popular event of the year (after Prom, of course.) I figured we had nothing to lose. We practiced as much as we could in the month preceding the Battle. Our band’s name was listed as a contestant but no one knew who we were. My friends and I laughed because our classmates couldn’t figure out who we were. I remember the night of the Battle. My heart was pounding, I felt sick and I pretty much thought that entering the competition was the stupidest idea I ever had. Before I could quit, however, we were called on stage. We took our places, listened to the announcer introduce us and as soon as the lights came on, we rocked it out.

Excuse me? Hot? No way. There had to be a mistake.

Since my daughter now has acne and is the eighth grade, I was finally fed up with our doctor who prescribed all these treatments that irritated her skin. I saw how lonely she was and how much she hated going to school. I did my own research and came across Citrus Clear. All of the products are natural so I figured even if they didn’t work, at least they wouldn’t cause any harm. My daughter applied the Grapefruit Spot Treatment twice a day for over a month. Slowly, her acne began to fade.

acne spot treatment

A funny thing happened that night. No one laughed at us.

In fact, people were actually cheering us on. Girls were screaming. We honestly felt we were a true rock band! I was the lead singer and people chanted my name. It was crazy! After we were done, we got a standing ovation. When I went to school the next day, suddenly all of the popular girls wanted to talk to me. They smiled at me in the hallway. They waved at me in the cafeteria. I was completely baffled but I thought if this is how rock starts are treated, sign me up!

After a couple of days of intense sudden popularity, I finally asked a good female friend of mine why everyone suddenly pulled a 180 with me. She laughed and asked me if I was kidding. When she saw I was serious, she told me the truth: “You are the lead singer in a band and you’re hot.”