Make My Hair Shine!

smooth out hair

I have wavy, frizzy hair so its important to me to have it straight and have shine! Here is how I got a smooth and shine look using the Smooth & Shine Hair Products from Shielo.

smoothing hair products

A Shampoo & Conditioner that Straighten Hair

Cleanse hair using the Smoothing Shampoo followed by the Smoothing Conditioner. With a low pH and high count of protein extracts, it is safe for everyday use. The nutrients help during the flat iron phase to prevent heat damage and color distortion. The Smoothing Conditioner contains a dose of “Restoration Oil” allowing the maximum in frizz control and shine while protecting hair against humidity. For deep conditioning, keep it on for 1-3 minutes but avoid using it at the roots all the time unless hair has severe damage or is really dry. Rinse the hair thoroughly to complete step one!

hair spray shine

Hair Spray that Shines

The Shine Restoration Mist is the next piece to the sleek and smooth puzzle. Whether you are taming curls or going straight, this mist is essential is sealing in moisture and shine. Containing Brazil Nut and Pass Fruit Oils, along with Black Cacao, there are enough antioxidants to keep hair healthy and pliable. It also is what tames the frizz all day, even throughout the humidity. Spray on to the sections necessary prior to any heat styling; it can be used liberally and also as a finishing spray.

firm hold hair spray

Firm Hold Hair Spray

If you want all day hold in a non-aerosol form, you must use the Firm Hold Hairspray. Not only does it enhance shine but it also acts as a barrier against environmental damage that can occur on a daily basis. It also creates amazing hold without leaving hair feeling hard and uncomfortable. It can also be used as a finishing spray so like the Shine Restoration Mist, it serves more than one purpose. The proteins from inside a Brazil Nut are what helps keep the shine and manageability alive and keeps away the static that leads to the F word…FRIZZ.

Restore and Heal

As mentioned with the Smoothing Conditioner, you can always use more Restoration Oil. The best part of the oil, aside from working on all hair types is that it reduces drying time by 40%. That is almost half of your hair drying time, meaning less heat on the hair thus less damage to the follicles. After one use of the Restoration Oil, users will see an improvement and after long-term usage, it can transform previously sad and damaged hair. It is the hair healer and along with the other products, helps create hair that is not only sleek but naturally healthy and shiny.

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