Lose the Baby Weight

lose baby weight

When I was pregnant and my “belly stretched” like a rubber band to fit the growing baby inside of me, I naively thought that in the same way my belly stretched like a rubber band to accommodate my baby, it would pop back into place when there was no baby in there. Makes sense? Boy, was I totally deceived! And all the moms out there said, “Amen!”

After I delivered my baby, I was shocked to find this lumpy, bumpy, folded over and jiggling jelly mold where my stomach used to be.

I was just surprised, I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting it to look like that after the baby came out. I shouldn’t have been surprised because throughout my entire nine months I was feeding another human being growing inside of me. Another human being who required more food, more calories, more nutrition, which meant I had to eat a little more and that resulted in a little more weight I gained. I must be honest, after seeing the shocking sight of my belly, all I could think of was how I was going to lose that baby weight. Along the way, I learned some really valuable lessons about myself, about my body, and about being a mom.

For nine months there’s this beautiful life that grows inside of us. This life that moves and dances and swallows and hiccups. As this beautiful life grows and expands, so does our body. We may look and feel huge, but we don’t think too much of it and let it control our thoughts intensely cause we’re too busy having baby showers and reading baby books. (At least I know this is how it was for me.) But then the baby comes and there’s nothing growing inside of you any longer, and you are left with what you are left with. Women already deal with body image issues and the pressure to look like our assumingly more desirable counterparts. So, when you’re a mommy who’s just had a baby and your body doesn’t look the same as it used to, those same pressures creep up and you can think of nothing but loosing the baby weight – and loosing it FAST!

The most valuable lesson I have learned after having a baby and wanting to loose my baby weight is that anything that is important and valuable happens over time.

It takes nine months – for some close to 10 months – for your important and valuable baby to grow inside of you. Therefore, it would make sense that it would take at least nine months to lose the extra weight you had to put on to sustain your baby. Rapidly loosing weight will cause stretch marks – and I’m not saying you should not rapidly lose weight, but definitely use some creams that can help remove stretch marks from extra baby weight. When our babies are first born it’s very important that we eat the right food and the right amount of foods. Since our nutrition is important as mothers, especially right after the baby is born, it has to take priority instead of trying to lose the baby weight. The experts say that dieting and exercising should be delayed for at least six weeks after the baby is born, and moms should rather focus on taking in enough calories to be able to feed the baby, and sleep in order to avoid exhaustion. (One plus I found was that breastfeed was a huge bonus because it helped to shrink my baby belly fat.)

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I know that this may not seem ideal because all you can think of right after having a baby is fitting back into your jeans, and I don’t mean your maternity jeans. But, the most important thing to remember is that you and your baby are healthy.