Lose Weight Quickly – My Story

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If you’re trying to lose weight like I was – I totally understand. I dieted and exercised. Alot. You can still lose weight without drastically reducing your caloric intake our spending hours each day on exercise. The key to doing that is to boost your intake of a few beneficial nutrients that can prompt your body to let go of stored fat.

Psyllium Husk Fiber is the key to losing weight

Fiber prevents you from overeating by making you feel too full without that many calories. One study presented by the U.S Department of Agriculture showed that women who increased their consumption of fiber from 12 grams to 24 grams of fiber a day absorbed 90 less calories compared to women who ate the same amount but with less fiber. This could add up to over 10 pounds of weight loss in a year.

Most of us don’t get the recommended amount of 24 grams of fiber a day. On average, American women consume only 14 grams. If you’re not getting enough fiber from your food intake, supplements can fill in the gap.

Psyllium Husk Fiber

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Psyllium fiber like the kind found in Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse with Probiotics is the most common and convenient type of fiber used in supplements. Psyllium fiber comes from the husks of Plantago ovata seeds, and has over 5 times the amount of fiber found in oat bran and barley. When psyllium fiber comes into contact with water, it forms a gelatinous substance that makes you feel full while also helping to transport waste from your digestive tract. Psyllium isn’t a harsh laxative. It is merely a rich source of fiber that bulks up the stool and allows it to pass through your intestines normally. They even have the added benefit of lowering blood cholesterol levels and regulating blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Psyllium supplements for weight loss are even more effective when taken about 30 minutes before meals, giving the psyllium husk time to expand in your stomach to make you feel full, so you eat less. The Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse is even more effective because it contains probiotics, which are the “good bacteria” that regulate your digestive processes.

Besides fiber supplements, going through a gentle detox can also help you lose weight

If you begin your weight-loss efforts with a detoxification program, you will be more likely to succeed. This is because a detox can jump-start healthier eating habits, make you feel lighter and more energized, and prepare your mind for the goal at hand.

Why detox? Each day we are exposed to various toxins through food, industrial chemicals, smoking, alcohol and even household cleaning products. These toxins affect all the systems in our body and can interfere with our natural metabolism, causing us to store unwanted fat around our cells. By following a detox, you can lessen the toxic load on your organs and enable optimal metabolic functioning.

Weight loss supplementI recommend the Lady Soma Detox, which is an advanced cleansing product that is still gentle on your body. This 7-day program can help remove toxins and waste that have built up over time due to an unhealthy diet. Less waste in your digestive tract means reduced bloating and a flatter belly.

You use the Lady Soma Detox as a dietary supplement, taking 1 pack each morning, noon and night for 1 week. While on the detox program you have to drink plenty of water to help flush out waste.

To reap the greatest benefits, Lady Soma recommends using the Lady Soma Detox for one week every month for a 3-month cycle. The program contains all-natural ingredients that gently promote the elimination of toxins from your body. This includes psyllium husks for easy digestion, flax seed oil, cape aloe, black walnut, spirulina, senna leaves, fennel seed and African bird pepper.

Flax seed oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that promote a fat burning while also creating a feeling of satiety. Black walnut hulls are also rich in Omega 3 and antioxidants that promote weight loss. Senna leaves have long been used as a purgative to cleanse the bowels. These and the other ingredients of the Lady Soma Detox create a bodily environment that promotes the release of stored fat.

With regular use of supplements, combined with a reasonable exercise regimen and balanced diet, you can lose weight and unveil a slimmer, healthier you.