How I have been using Thyme Essential Oil around my house

bottle of thyme essential oil

I have never used Thyme Essential Oil – the only thing I knew about it was that it was good for being an anti-bacterial & antiseptic type of essential oil. I love that because I am always looking for natural way to clean harmful bacterial that lies around my house. Thyme Oil is considered a “hot” oil, which means its very strong and can irritate skin. Most people need to dilute this oil somehow, in a carrier oil like coconut, or aloe or just plain water.

thyme essential oil from simply earth

I chose Simply Earth’s Thyme Essential Oil. Its a small jar, but this stuff is so strong you do not need to use alot. Here are the various ways that I used the Thyme Essential Oil:

  1. I was making steak for the family, so I used 1 drop of the Thyme Essential Oil to my steak entree.
  2. I mixed several drops of the thyme essential oil with coconut oil, and then I applied to my skin as a moisturizer. It feel very moisturizing, but the Thyme ads an antiseptic effect – feels very clean!
  3. I also used this aroma therapy – i just put two drops on my chest and I could smell it throughout the day. Scents really do add flavor to your day.
  4. I also heard smelling it can make you stop snoring, but since neither my husband or I snore, I cant really test that.

Thyme is a very mature type of essential oil. If you are new to essential oils, you may not be exactly sure what to do this it, but the scent definitely adds depth to any preparation. Also FYI – Thyme blends well with Bergamot, Oregano, and Rosemary essential oils