Hask Coconut Oil Hair Products Review – Shampoo & Conditioner + Hair Mask

all hask products on window

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of coconut oil in beauty and hair care products. For years, I have been using coconut oil in all my skin care products, so when I saw Hask Monoi Coconut Oil products, I was so excited! I received the Hask Monai Coconut Oil Shampoo, Monai Cococunt Oil Conditioner, a Shine Oil and a deep Nourishing Conditioner.

The scent of all these products makes you feel like you are on a Caribbean vacation – coconut, beach, sand and sun. That is exactly how they feel. So they smell great – and they WORK great. I have thick curly hair, and these products work better than Moroccan Oil. the Monai Conditioner is silky soft and makes my hair manageable for styling. I continue to use the Shine Oil treatment prior to blow dry – it has brought life back to my hair. I have tried many sulfate & paraben free products that claim to “tame” your hair and eliminate frizz – this is one of the best.

Hask Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles
The Deep Nourishing Hair Mask is lovely – thick enough to hold onto hair without being too thick and difficult to spread. I love using hair masks as an excuse to pamper myself a bit after a long week! I used as per instructions then washed it off. My hair immediately felt luxurious and smooth. Its important to do a hair mask every now and then. Your hair needs to additional vitamins and minerals. Why not? Its so worth it, and the effects of this mask do last – even 5 days later I could feel my hair was smoother, and I know its because of this mask.

The products are also very affordable, especially for being natural and free of sulfates.

A lot of products that are natural and sulfate free are often pretty expensive. But not Monai Coconut oil products. It also came with a great book that explains how to use the products, and shows the other products in the HASK collection. I did not know they had so many products, and its great to see a company care about being eco-friendly and using sustainable ingredients and packaging.

My hair looks and feels much more manageable and glossy now – very satisfied customer! I did receive this product at a discounted price in order to provide this unbiased review- but believe me I am a very happy customer who will be placing a new order once this pot has run out!