Green Tea Effect on Hair Loss

green tea for hair

Scientific research has shown that hair loss is common and here are just a few pieces of information that researchers have discovered:

  • Over 40% of all men have reported that their hairline had begun to recede before they turned 35. This means that nearly half of all men have noticed that the quality, and quantity, of their hair was declining.
  • While genetics can play a role in hair loss, they aren’t as important as you might think. Only one out of every five hair loss cases had anything to do with genetics.
  • Female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness are the two leading causes of hair loss. They are bigger culprits than any other factor.
  • In the United States alone, over 35 million men, and 21 million women, suffer from hair loss. This means that over 50 million U.S. citizens are victims of hair related issues.

Green Tea Effect on Hair Thinning

Green tea when used in shampoo is known for fighting hair loss and protecting the scalp. It is filled with antioxidants and that reverse damage. Green tea can also stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

My recommendation for a shampoo with a high concentration of Green Tea is the Somaluxe Paradise Shampoo. Its completely free of chemicals and contains only natural ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Aloe Vera. My husband and I love this shampoo!

shampoo with green tea for hair loss