Experiences I never expected to have until I became a mom

baby in a field of flowers

There are a vast amount of mothers out there who can relate to every mom experience ever had because we all have experiences that don’t happen until after we become moms. It’s what puts us all in the infamous, lifelong mom club. We are members forever and we all have a different story to tell. It’s our stories and experiences that connect us, encourage us, challenge us, and make us all better moms.

So what are some of the things women experience ONLY when they become mothers? Well, there are quite a few, and I think they begin before the baby isn’t even here yet. Pregnancy is a whole other beast that can grab a hold of you and squeeze as much out of you as it possibly can. While we’re pregnant there are the emotional highs and lows, there constant body change, the sometimes involuntary body reactions or noises coming from our bodies, the nausea or vomiting, the skin changes, swollen feet, and side comments from the live audience of everyday people who make the silliest and craziest pregnancy comments at the worst times.

All moms can relate to these experiences.

cute baby

I remember walking into an elevator once while going to a doctor’s appointment and mom stepping out of the elevator looked about 10 months pregnant, like she hadn’t slept in weeks and she had pajama pants on with a sweater and flip flops. You could tell that she was at that point in her pregnancy where all she didn’t care how she looked or what she wore because all she wanted was somebody, anybody, to get that baby out of her. She and I made eye contact and gave each other the nod. You know the nod that says, “I know how you feel girl and I’m not mad at you. Do what you gotta do girl!” This is what happens with you’re a part of the mom club – the nod and the look says it all when two moms come face-to-face.

We empathize and sympathize, and we also put our fists in the air for each other as a sign of solidarity.

Another experience I never expected until I became a mom was that I didn’t realize that I would not like being needed ALL. THE. TIME! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tending to the needs of my beautiful baby, but when it is a continuous flow of feeding, changing, bathing, playing, putting to sleep, etc., it can be described in a word as exhausting. Really! I love to be needed by my baby, and women were created to be people who can multitask as mothers and wives because we have people who need and depend on us. However, as a mom, the need multiplies exponentially. When it’s constantly around the clock, it can become incredibly taxing.

I can confidently say, however, that one of the best experiences I’ve had since becoming a mom is my heart filling up with so much love and joy that it overflows.

It may sound like a Hallmark commercial, but it’s certainly true that having a baby changes everything, especially when you look at their beautiful face and are overwhelmed by the amount of love you can have for another human being. When you think that the love you have for your husband is so great, but it is even greater for your child. Then you realize that you are responsible for this little human being forever. It is a large undertaking to be a mother, but the best experience you will ever have.