Dermalogica Facials Suck! An Expensive Scam

Dermalogica Products

In my extensive search for an acne cure I have tried many products, diets and treatments. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. So this rant is aimed at a particular product that funnily enough, was pushed upon me by a lady that worked in a spa. It started when I saw an advert for a ‘mechanical facial’ promoted by the company to eliminate acne, wrinkles, sun damage and more.

Great, I thought. Someone that knows what they’re talking about! I asked lots of questions (as you should) and the facial was explained to me. First, she’d use a piece of equipment that blows hot steam on the affected area which forces your pores open. Secondly, another piece of equipment (kind of like a laser) which she’d use to focus on the areas of extreme acne.

Next came the products! Dermalogica. “It is a product specifically designed for oily, acne-prone skin. They are great and our spa only uses their products”. Of course, with an obligation to sell their products, the lady was inclined to give me details about each of the products that she used, what they do and why they are so great. I listened attentively, hoping to learn more and hoping more than anything that she was right. So first to apply was the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which with the scratchy texture, I assumed had some form of micro-beads in. This really hurt when scratching over the extremely sore areas and made me wince. She kindly lessened her pressure however this left me feeling as though it’s not really going to do anything for my skin. After five minutes of circling this into my skin it was rinsed away with a warm flannel. I fought back to urge to claw at my face and as I felt it gently with my hand I heard a ‘tut’ … “Try not to touch your face, darling” she reprimanded in a strong Portuguese accent. I obliged and silently hoped that the next step involved some form of ice-pack or cold moisturizer.

Unfortunately not! The next product was the Dermalogica Skin Clearing Wash which, thankfully, didn’t have any micro-beads in however it had the same burning, irritating sensation. So much for a relaxing, spot busting facial; I felt anxious and sore by the time she started applying this second product and I counted down the minutes until it was over. One thing I was certain about – if it hadn’t cleared my spots it’d definitely have burnt them off by the end of this procedure!

As she finished this second stage, I heard the words I had been waiting for: “Right, last step!” Thank God, slather on the Dermalogica Moisturizer and get me out of here! Unfortunately there was no such relief. The third and final product was an ‘oil control lotion’ which just felt wet and heavy and ironically – Oily!

As I went to pay for the facial, the lady once again pushed these products and sang their praises. Being a polite person I couldn’t tell her the truth so I asked if she’d mind writing down the brand name and promised that I’d have a look online before committing to a purchase. I reassured her that I’d have a read up before my next facial and if I liked what I saw I’d definitely purchase some from her spa. Obviously, that was never my true intention but it seemed a polite thing to say. Unfortunately, I’ve never had another facial due to the fear of having such products slathered on my face to then be hounded to buy them.

It goes without saying that I never bought anything from Demalogica because their products simply fail!

Dermalogica Products

They are truly awful. I did check out their website out of interest and suddenly I realise where this spa went wrong. They advertised a treatment that can treat acne, signs of aging, sun damage and more which is pretty much what Dermalogica promote. How can a product that specifically targets acne also treat those things? I wonder if all the stinging and irritation was because Dermalogica were simply putting all their eggs into one basket. Treat acne? Why not treat signs of ageing too? And sun damage? Throw it all in one product and let them have it! Never mind us acne sufferers who have breaks in our skin, sensitive areas and actual bacteria that needs addressing!

I feel that this company is all about the money and not very much about the people buying them. I mean, a packet of their pre-cleanse wipes will set you back £14.95! Yes, for face wipes! But if that’s not extortionate enough you can purchase a small bottle of face wash for £28.00. By the time you have the full set needed to complete a facial regime you will have spent little over £100. Crazy, isn’t it?

At this price you would expect some sort of magical potion that ensures your acne disappears overnight but unfortunately that is just not what happens. I woke up the day after my facial to something more horrifying than my original acne. I was so red, my spots had not improved one bit and in fact they looked gruesome. One would assume I meant because the products had pushed the dirt to the surface of my skin but no – they had scabbed over and looked brighter, uglier and showed no sign of clearing. Okay, so you’re not really going to receive a magical potion, but for that amount of money I would expect a product aimed at acne sufferers to soothe, calm and help the problem. Not give you a fright at the mirror the next day. Having suffered with acne for nearly two years and waking up to my face every morning, I can tell you I have cried a lot. I have even screamed at the mirror and thrown my foundation across the room as it has failed to cover it. But I have never cursed so much as the morning after using Dermalogica.