Cranberry for a UTI – How to Cure It

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When the bacteria enters your bladder, it causes inflammation to the urethra and bladder; thus, causing a burning sensation that makes urinating troublesome. Inflammation in the bladder also causes you to have frequent urges to urinate since urine fills the bladder faster. Another sign of a urinary tract infection is the putrid odor that comes with the urine.

Anyone, either man or woman, who contracts a urinary tract infection, is most likely to develop urinary tract infections over again. Taking antibiotics is the most common prescription for this condition. However, antibiotics carry chronic side effects that causes the weakening of the immune system. A low immune system makes your body susceptible to other diseases. Antibiotics merely alleviate the symptoms caused by the urinary tract infection and delay the process. What is more, bacteria becomes antibiotic-resistant in due course, making recurring urinary tract infections almost impossible to cure.

Cranberry for Curing a UTI

Medical doctors and researchers have found the answer in cranberry. Studies have shown that cranberry possess a potent attribute in fighting UTI-causing bacteria without harming the immune system. Health conscious individuals who tried cranberry have also given good feedbacks about the fruit as well. The FDA has not yet evaluated these statements but laboratory research and feedbacks from consumers have become a strong basis for such claims. For centuries, people use cranberry as food and medicine to treat kidney and bladder associated diseases. Modern science today has provided a clearer explanation as to why.  

cranberry supplementCranberries are abundant in vitamin C. They are highly acidic. Cranberry juice drank in large quantities increase the acidity level of the urine. However, urine acidification is not responsible behind the treatment and prevention of a urinary tract infection.   In addition, cranberry contain antioxidants that supports the proper functions of the body. Its oxygen radical absorbance capacity defuses oxidative processes occurring within the body, combats free radicals that eats healthy cells and suppresses carcinogens. Cranberries contain a polymeric compound, proanthocyanidin. This polymeric compound called proanthocyanidin is unique to cranberry. Only cranberry has this attribute.

Proanthocyanidins fight against the E. coli bacteria that is responsible for urinary tract infection.  These particular bacteria are the root cause of several kidney infections and even diarrhea. The E. coli bacteria produces mannose-resistant adhesions that stick to the urethra and bladder. There it would thrive and multiply. Proanthocyanidins stop the E. coli bacteria from clinging; in turn, it could not multiply. Bacteria that no longer adheres to the bladder lining gets flushed out easily.

Cranberries are highly acidic. Cranberry juice drank in large quantities increase the acidity level of the urine. However, urine acidification is not responsible behind the treatment and prevention of a urinary tract infection.  

Available Forms of Cranberry

Cranberries are available in different forms, but cranberries when eaten raw can be too sour. You cannot treat your urinary tract infection with just a few bites. Juicing is good but since cranberry is tart, you need large amounts of sugar for it to be drinkable enough. It is unadvisable if you have diabetes or if you are watching your weight. Likewise, boxed juices found in the grocery store no longer possess the active ingredients you need to cure your urinary tract infection.

real cranberriesTaking cranberry capsules is by far the best and safest option, according to alternative medicine.

According to Dr. Timothy Boone, Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine’s vice dean, that it takes a large amount of pure cranberry to treat and prevent and infection; and the concentration needed to treat UTI is found in cranberry capsules.

Cranberry supplements are as potent as antibiotics, but without the side effects. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should never take antibiotics. There are no reported side effects for cranberry except for a few cases of stomachache due to high dosages. Then again, balance and good observance is vital. You do not want to overdose yourself and develop kidney stones.

A single cranberry supplement is more potent compared to a glass of cranberry juice. A Starbucks venti sized cup of cranberry juice is equal to two supplements. They deliver benefits more quickly. Cranberry supplements are convenient compared to juicing, as well economical. Choose supplements that are small and easy to swallow. Taking cranberry supplements is a surefire way to prevent the reoccurrence of a urinary tract infection. A maintenance of cranberry supplements taken twice daily is sufficient for chronic UTI sufferers. These supplements do not require a doctor’s prescription. Unlike antibiotics, cranberry supplements do not target good bacteria and make bacteria more resilient to antibiotics.