4 Products that are better alternatives to La Mer

creme de la mer

Why I like La Mer: It actually works. It moisturizing, and the Vitamin A and amino acids in the product really do rejuvenate my skin. But I cant spend $350 per month on every jar!

As you know from reading my blog, I am a fan of La Mer. I love the face cream. But honestly, for $350 its way to expensive! The La Mer face cream is good because its super moisturizing, while also having great anti-aging benefits – I will explain later in this article where those benefits come from. But at $350 per jar, its definitely not worth it, and probably not worth using more than once or twice per year. So instead of spending money on La Mer, here are some other moisturizer that are better priced that have the same effect like La Mer.

La Mer Alternatives that give you the same effect:

anti-aging moisturizer like La Mer

(1) Made from Earth – Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer

The Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is the most similar to La Mer. The reason is that it is hyper moisturizing, and has the same Vitamin A and Retinols that La Mer has. This is what causes the the anti-aging effect. I have been using this moisturizer for about 3 years now, and I can always notice a major difference in my skin after using it for two weeks. My skin feels moisturized, and I definitely notice a bit of red blush color from cell turn over – this is that anti-aging effect I was talking about. It looks like my cheeks have a natural light blush on them. So pretty! So with this moisturizer you get both – the anti-aging effect as well as the deep moisture found in La Mer. And at $75, its an excellent price.


(2) Juice Beauty Stem Cellular

What I love about this moisturizer is that Juice Beauty has really made this product so unique. I like that it has grapeseed in it, and you have definitely notice the anti-aging results. The moisturizer definitely hydrates because it has shea butter and I do feel a firmness after using it. I also was told by a representative at Juice Beauty that it is the fruit acid stem cells that lead to the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does smell great – and overall, this is my second favorite product to be a La Mer alternative.

(3) Genesea Mineral Night Cream

While this is a night cream, it is so similar to La Mer. The reason it is so similar is because of the collagen and retinol in this formula. The retinols is what has the anti-aging effect. The collagen give you the plumping effect. The 3% retinol in this formula is strong, so its not recommended for people with super sensitive skin. It has all the same amino acids as the Made from Earth Vitamin Moisturizer and the La Mer moisturizer. I do like that its a night cream, because its hard to find good anti-aging products for the night time. I would not wear this is the day however, because it is a bit thick – that is why its a night cream. But it does apply well, and I love the price!

(4) Origins Perfect World with SPF

This one does have SPF in it, so that takes away some of the moisture and anti-aging benefits but I thought it would be worth mentioning it for people who spend alot of time in the sun. During the summer months, this is my moisturizer. It has SPF 25 which is perfect for me, cause that is enough to last a whole day in the sun. It contains maritime pine, which is a similar ingredient to La Mers.