Beautiful Moms with Cellulite – Part 2

Jennifer Lopez Booty Video

We all love our celebrities, and it’s good to be reminded that our favorite stars are human beings too. They’re made from flesh and bones, and even though we love to gossip about their cellulite and stretch marks, we should all feel empowered by these photos.

Jennifer Lopez

This bootylicious singer has sold millions of albums all over the globe, and thousands of women envy her for her beautiful body. Jennifer Lopez turned 45 this year and her career is hotter than ever. And so is her body! In her Madrid performance, Jennifer was wearing a short green dress and cellulite was clearly visible. It’s rumored that Jennifer went vegan in hope it will help get rid of the pesky cellulite.

Britney Spears Cellulite thighs

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has showed us all over the years. Her crotch, her love handles – everything. We even saw her C-section scar on one occasion. So it’s not surprising that photos of her cellulite and loose skin surface every couple of days. Britney was photographed taking a walk to the gym in short shorts that showed huge dimples on her thighs. We still love Britney and admire how far she has come from her darker days.

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