Bacterial Vaginosis & Yeast Infections

probiotics for yeast infection

i’ve had bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections for several years. Yes, it was that lengthy. I went to every physician you can think of and tried all their prescriptions. But BV and yeast infections will come back unless you take care of your stomach! This is what I learned on my long journey to health. I changed my weight loss program, and more importantly my total way of life and started taking probiotics on a regular basis. I tried a bunch of different probiotics, some worked, and other were total garbage! But, now I have been sticking with the Lady Soma Probiotics and I have been totally BV and yeast infection free for two years 🙂

probiotics for women

They were actually recommended to me by my gynecologist, who is also female. She said that the probiotics living bacteria improve my digestive functions so I can process food better. It comes in a double-foil blister packaging to protect it against humidity and oxygen. I keep it in the fridge and usually take two pills with my food during the day.

It contains 5 billion live microorganisms which are meant to fight against infections from negative bacteria. It increases natural microflora of a woman’s gut and increases immunity.


  • Ability to combat UTIs
  • Effectiveness in fighting vaginal thrush and other infections;
  • Rich content of various probiotic strains that improves digestion thereby speeding up detoxification.