Avoid Getting a UTI – Foods you can eat

organic cranberries

The National Kidney Foundation states that one in five women will experience at least one UTI in her lifetime and 20% of women will get it more than once. Statistically, UTIs are reported to bring at least 10 million patients to emergency room every year. Urinary tract infections occur as a result of harmful bacteria creeping in the urinary tract. Symptoms include painful urination, abdominal pain, frequent urination and often passing only small amounts of urine each time. More critical stages of the infection (when the bacteria reaches the kidneys) are associated with fever, shivering and chills, nausea, vomiting, upper and side back pain.

To boost your immune system – adopting healthier dietary habits is recommended to prevent bacterial overgrowth in your system and avoid irritation to the bladder.

Here are some foods and drinks that can damage the bladder and feed the UTI-causing bacteria. If you have a UT you should AVOID the following:

  • Sugar, because it is food for bacteria. Specifically, keep away from any foods that are rich in refined sugar, such as cookies, cakes, soda, chips, crackers and starchy foods;
  • Citric fruits and acidic veggies like tomatoes, pineapple, lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, as they can irritate the bladder;
  • Spicy foods, dairy products, alcohol, caffeinated coffee and teas.
  • Caffeine and tea are known for their irritating properties. Similarly, chocolate containing caffeine should be put on your dietary laundry list until the infection is cleared.

Regardless of your dietary routine, drinking a lot of water while treating a UTI always helps the body flush the bacteria out and heal.

Dietary supplements often stimulate the immune system function and improve symptoms. Finding the best product may always cause some hustle. Stop worrying! Lady Soma has come up with the best formula ever to combat UTI – Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamin C. Each soft gel capsule of this dietary supplement has a 12:1 concentration of cranberry extract, which equals 5,050mg of fresh fruit. Thanks to its unique formula enriched with vitamins C and E, the cranberry concentrate from Lady Soma helps maintain the urinary tract health and prevent infections. It does that by impeding bacteria to adhere to the bladder walls. This product contains no man-made colorings or additives, which makes it perfectly safe and healthy to use to treat as well as to prevent UTI.

Why Take Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamin C?

Cranberries are acknowledged for their rich content of phytochemicals, which are the drivers of healthy processes inside the body. These components keep your body cells clean of bacteria and block out carcinogens. Due to their amazing oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), consumption of cranberry fruits helps offset the effects of free radicals and curb oxidative processes. Rich in cranberry extract, the Lady Soma concentrate contains a significant amount of fructose, which in turn is high in a unique polymeric compound typical to cranberry fruits – proanthocyanidin. This miraculous element has super powers in fighting E. coli preventing it from embedding itself onto the urethra and bladder walls thereby inhibiting multiplication thereof. If the bacteria cannot penetrate the bladder walls it cannot reproduce and it is easily eliminated.

cranberry UTI supplementSurprisingly though, cranberry juice has not proved beneficial against UTI due to its sugar high content, which worsens the symptoms. Cranberry supplements are a lot richer in active ingredients than the juice, and hence highly effective against E. coli and other causing microorganisms. Supplements also offer enhanced protection against these bugs strengthening the immune system and restoring the good bacteria in the female body.

How Do You Know a UTI Is Cleared?

Bacteria presence in the urinary tract brings about inflammation, which makes urination painful and even burning. When this discomfort is no longer felt, it means that the “bad” bacteria are out of your system. Another good sign that the infection is cured is that you no longer feel the urge to go to the ladies room so often. The bacteria make the bladder walls thicker and therefore urine fills it up quicker, hence the need to urinate more frequently. To determine absence of the bacteria and clearing of the UTI it is best to visit your physician. However, if you experience mild symptoms of UTI you can start taking the Lady Soma cranberry supplement to prevent reoccurrence.

How Does Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamin C Prevent and Cure UTI?

E. coli accounts for 85 percent of the UTI and acute kidney infection cases, researchers suggest. Abounding in cranberry metabolites (active ingredients that help the digestion process), the Lady Soma supplement can inhibit reproduction of E. coli hindering it from adhering to the bladder or kidney walls. In this way it delays its development and minimizes UTI outbreak.

Women who used this supplement recommend it for its FDA approved 100% natural formula and its vitamin C enhanced efficacy in combating urinary tract infections and ability to maintain overall health of the urinary tract.