Acne products that are dangerous while pregnant

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Topical Retinoids Are Dangerous

There are a lot of over the counter and non-prescription treatments, frequently called topical retinoids, that can damage a developing fetus’ bone growth. “Topical retinoids” use ingredients such as adapalene, tazarotene, and tretinoin. If you see any of these listed on the product label, do not use the treatment. Additionally, if you are concerned that a treatment you have purchased might be a topical retinoid, take it to your doctor and have it examined. For a retinoid-free option, try Citrus Clear’s Sensitive Skin Products, as the face wash contains a light version of Vitamin A that is safe to use while pregnant.

Oral Tetracyclines Contain Chemicals

Like topical retinoids, these treatments cause issues with a child’s bone structure and tooth development. Oral tetracyclines are chemically based acne treatments that you swallow, usually in a pill form. Treatments like these contain harmful and dangerous ingredients such as doxycycline, minocycline, and tetracycline. Each one of these compounds will damage a child’s bone development and cause issues with their teeth as well. Look over any product that you plan on using and make sure that is does not contain these ingredients. Here is also a list of the best ingredients to look for in skin care products.

Natural remedies are an easy, and safe, alternative to using chemical treatments. They contain no harmful ingredients and will not impact the development of your child. Using these is still an effective way to fight acne and keep your skin clear, and it is also something that won’t cause any damage.
There are a lot of harmful and dangerous acne treatments out there. These are unsafe for women who are expecting children, since they put the fetus at risk of death or serious injury. Because of this, you will need to talk with your doctor become taking any chemically based acne treatment. Otherwise you are endangering your child.


While Accutane is effective at fighting blemishes, it can be dangerous for developing fetuses and pregnant women. Accutane can cause miscarriages, infant deaths and birth defects.

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Hormonal Therapies

Hormone therapy can be an effective tool against acne, but not while pregnant. When you are pregnant you should never undergo hormonal acne treatments for skin conditions.


Not all Proactiv products are harmful to pregnant women. If you want to use Proactive while pregnant, you should make it a point to talk to your doctor first. Some of the substances used in the brand can cause problems.