Acne In My Late 20s

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Most teenagers experience the “joys” of acne at some point during puberty. Some kids are lucky and only get a few pimples.  Other kids aren’t so lucky and end up trying to hide their face from the world for the majority of their teen years.  Then there are some people like me who only had a few choice pimples during my teen years, but not for me.

For some unknown reason, my face exploded with acne and pimples when I was 27.

Honestly, I felt like the acne was a low blow.  First, my metabolism stopped working when I was 25 (as predicted by my mother) so I had to start wearing my cute yoga pants to actually do yoga.  Second, my hairdresser noticed an increase of little gray hairs on my head.  She actually made me look in the mirror while she pointed out each little strand.  So when my face started to break-out, I felt like running into the street screaming, “Why???” I had done everything to get rid of my acne when I was a teenager. 

At first, I ignored the tiny little dots appearing on my face.  I just covered them up with foundation.  When they started to spread, I caked on more make-up.  Finally, my husband felt as though he needed to tell me that my face reminded him of his brother’s face – when his brother was 14.  (Did I mention he is now my ex-husband?)

After what seemed like an intervention at a family barbeque, I agreed to see a dermatologist.  As soon as I agreed, my mom whipped out her dermatologist’s phone number.  Crazy how she had that in her purse at that exact moment!  

A couple of weeks later, I sat in of the dermatologist’s patient room asking the nurse why I had to take off all of my clothes:

Me:  “I just want the Doctor to look at my face.”

Nurse:  “Put this on” as she hands me a paper gown that barely covers my backside.

Me:  “I just want the Doctor to look at my face.”

Nurse:  “Put on the gown.”

So there I sat, on the table, swinging my legs, wearing a paper gown.  The Doctor walked in with her assistant and introduced herself.  She had the definite advantage because she was fully dressed while I was pretty much naked covered by a napkin.  I told the Doctor that I just wanted her to look at my face.  Apparently, when someone goes to the dermatologist for the first time, however, that person (me, in this case) has to endure a full body scan.  The doctor put on her weird-looking goggles and checked my entire body for any abnormalities.  Luckily, the only abnormalities were on my face.

At the end of the exam, she declared that I was going through “post-puberty acne.”  She scribbled on her prescription pad and handed me a prescription for Retin-A.  She cautioned that it might burn when I first use it but the feeling will pass.

Encouraged, I had the prescription filled and went home.  After my husband made some jokes about post-puberty, I went into the bathroom and slathered on the medication.  At this point in my life, I had not gone through labor yet so the feeling that my face was burning off layer by layer was the worst pain I had ever felt.  I literally screamed.  My husband came running into the bathroom thinking that I was bleeding profusely and needed to call 911.  That was the one and only time I used Retin-A.  I immediately washed my face and threw the medication into the trash.  

Organic Acne Products

As you know from my previous blog post, all I use now is Citrus Clear products after the disaster that was Retin-A. I really was scared to use it the first time – I didn’t want to burn my face off again.  I tentatively applied it to my face and was instantly relieved; absolutely no burning!