3 Toxic Chemicals Not to Use While Pregnant

pregnant woman in field


Prescription acne treatments, as well as most other “harmful acne products”, can be toxic to pregnant women. If you are pregnant, you need to ask your doctor before taking any acne medications. Even if you think your treatments are harmless, you should still talk to a doctor.

Nail Polish

While this isn’t technically a skin care product, it is a beauty tool that many women use. Many popular brands of polish use phthalates which are known to cause birth defects and a host of terrible aliments. Nail polish cannot be absorbed through the nails, but its ingredients can be absorbed into the body through the skin.
Chemical Sunscreens

Using sun protection is smart. But using sun screens that contain chemicals during pregnncy is not recommended. Oxybenzone, a key ingredient in sunscreen, is not recommended to be in the bloodstream for pregnant mothers. Natural sunscreens are safe to use, but make sure to avoid any form of protection that uses synthetic or chemical ingredients.

Safe Alternatives for Use While Pregnant

  • Aloe vera is an excellent ingredient for hydrating the skin when you are pregnant. It contains no harmful properties that would cause issues with pregnancy, and its excellent for keeping the stomach moisturized.
  • Witch Hazel is great natural ingredient for treating blemishes.
  • Salicylic Acid, stronger than Witch Hazel, is also effective as an acne treatment while pregnant.
  • MSM is a great detoxifier that is approved for by pregnant women.