Things Only Girls with Long Hair Will Understand

girl with long hair on the beach

There is a ton of things that girls with long hair come across each day and only them who can understand. Have you seen a girl with long hair that get stuck in things plus most of the times the hair troubles their normal working each day as it keeps getting along the way? For starters long hair, we mean the one that primarily reaches the butt especially when braided. There so many curses too, that comes with long hair, but too many blessings too. Indeed, in the end you will never trade your long hair for anything in the world after reading this blog post.  

Top 20 things that only girls with long hair will understand:

Girl with long hair always sleeps with their hair in a bun

To sleep with long hair means you will need to make the bun. If you do not sleep when it is a bun, you will have to roll over it multiple times while you sleep. You will indeed rip some hair out, and this hurts the bun sleeping mood hence.

The hair gets stuck in bad places

Getting stuck is one of the worst things that with, long as it will get stuck on the bug, chair or even bus door. However, the long hair girl always remembers that the hair will get stuck hence take care and try all the best not to get it stuck.

Long hair questions such as how long it took to grow this long

All the time you will have to answer this question: how long it took to grow that long?  For sure no single girl can count how long it took the hair to grow that long. Just answer them a few years or just offer an answer that suffices.

Curling the hair is a struggle

The hair needs some curling, but it always a struggle. There is too much room on the dang barrel! You will always wonder if they have made some curling irons longer. Hence, the long-haired girls have a fair shot at curling.

What if you do not blow, dry the hair; it will be wet all day?

People wonder if you do not blow the hair then it will be wet forever. Indeed, I will be wet all day. Hence, you just need to suck up for some few minutes then blow dry it. If you do not do so, then it dries by itself.

Treat your long hair like a prized possession

The fact that it took longer to get the hair that long then it is highly valued. The hair is you pride and your joy, hence keep the highly of it.

You will try the HAIR FLIP, which is indeed amazing

Only girls will long hair will try this and their friends will keep taking their pictures and will keep snapping of it. Most of them get disappointed when they see the pictures as it is not the best as those in the magazines or even Instagram pictures.

Tendency to compare you with Disney Princes

You probably can’t understand why, but girls with long hair compare themselves with a Disney Princess. 


They enjoy long with the phrase “LONG HAIR, DON’T CARE” it is their favorite phrase.  It is always as it is you and your long hair to a tee.

They keep picking split ends

With long hair, you will not be able to stop picking up the ends. It is one of the dear tasks with long hair. When you engage in this task, it takes hours that seems like just a few minutes.

They see another girl with long hair and they are slightly envious

The girls will keep competing with them at this earn then hair self-esteem.

They use a bottle of shampoo in a week

They get angry about the long hair when it comes to maintenance especially with shampoos.