Wildcrafting May Benefit You

Lady with natural remedy

What is Wildcraft Lichen?

Calms itching

Itching is uncontrollable at times and when it occurs, it may leave marks on the body. Also, it increases the chances of bruising and swelling in the affected areas. The use of Lichen helps relieve itching due to its anti-inflammatory and vasodilating effect.

It works by modulating your blood cells. As a result, less inflammatory pruritic molecules will be released which will lead to less redness, swelling, and itching.

It’s a topical antiseptic which promotes healing of skin wounds, alleviating skin inflammation and soothing oral inflammation.


Main Ingredient: Wildcrafted Yucca

Arthritis Pain Suppressor

Yucca has saponins and resveratrol components. These compounds are known to have a close relation to anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Thus, Yucca is a useful natural treatment for inflammation, especially arthritis.

Helps in Wound Healing and Growth

Yucca also contains Vitamin C which is essential in the production of collagen. Collagen is needed in our bodies for cells, tissues, muscles, and all blood vessels. However, collagen production reduces as we age. Increasing Yucca will concurrently increase your Vitamin C and help repair and promote growth in the entire body.

Protects the Skin

Why not protect the largest organ of your body?! UV rays have been known to cause damage to the skin. To keep your skin safe from these harmful rays, use Yucca for its photoprotective properties. The resveratrol in Yucca strengthens skin. It will also  increase resistance to degradation from free radicals.