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July 10 / Living

Can Topical DMAE Firm Facial Skin? DMAE stands for Dimethylaminoethanol, which is made from a fruit acid. It’s an organic compound that tightens the face instantly. The tightening effect is much stronger when applied more topically. It stimulates the synthesis…

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July 10 / Smart Beauty
June 4 / Smart Beauty

Though there is no known cure to stop the formation of stretch marks as your skin is being stretched to its limit during pregnancy, there are a few things that you can do to slow down or limit their formation:…

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May 18 / Smart Beauty

In this article we highlight the best ingredients that effectively firm skin and keep it looking young, firm and smooth. Vitamin A Vitamin A or retinol has been used first to fight off acne. But as a side effect, it…

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May 3 / Smart Beauty
March 6 / Smart Beauty

Clay has been used for centuries for skin treatments and beautification practices. These are natural clay masks that I have found for sale on Amazon. 1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay The most bought facial clay mask on Amazon is…

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January 15 / Smart Beauty

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup It’s a serum and foundation in one. That is what helps, since we start out with organic juices and minerals, it’s great at protecting your skin – while having incredible coverage…

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January 12 / Smart Beauty

#1 – Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion What I love about this product is that for only $13 you get a firming cream. I have not found this price with any other firming creams that have this richness of…

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January 7 / Smart Beauty

1. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo with Organic Lavender and Rosemary This is a great solution for dandruff. It is a natural product with 100% money back guarantee. This Tea Tree Oil Shampoo contains 98 natural compounds including lavender, rosemary and…

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November 14 / Smart Beauty

Some people say they would never go back to high school. Not me. I would go back to high school in a second; I would never go back to elementary school. While every kid in my class was having fun…

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