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November 16 / Living

1. Green Tea Green tea is the best teas to drink for body detoxification. to detoxify your body with. It is also great for fighting acne. Green tea contains both antioxidants and powerful infection fighting properties. This allows it to…

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November 14 / Smart Beauty

Some people say they would never go back to high school. Not me. I would go back to high school in a second; I would never go back to elementary school. While every kid in my class was having fun…

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November 1 / Smart Beauty

I receive multiple questions regarding the recommendation of a skin care routine that would work for a specific skin type. Every skin care routine should enhance your skin’s natural ability to support and heal itself. Organic ingredients in skin care…

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October 16 / Living

For centuries people have used chamomile as an herbal remedy, the most popular method of consumption is drinking chamomile as a tea. Chamomile tea has a calming effect which soothes and relaxes the body. The herb is full of antioxidants…

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October 15 / Living

There are certain ingredients that are the staple of Mediterranean cultures, and have solidified their stellar reputation as the best ingredients for maintaining healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients is a big factor in…

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October 13 / Smart Beauty
October 10 / Smart Beauty

I recently was introduced to Tatcha Skin Care Products from a friend of mine that works in the skin department of Saks Fifth Avenue. He knows what he is talking about. He only uses Tatcha’s products, and I have noticed…

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October 4 / Smart Beauty

We all have it – 90 percent of women after puberty get cellulite. Weight does not matter as even skinny / fit people have cellulite. Although cellulite does not have a negative impact on health, it can have an impact…

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September 21 / Living
September 16 / Smart Beauty