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March 1 / Smart Beauty
February 5 / Living

If you’re trying to lose weight like I was – I totally understand. I dieted and exercised. Alot. You can still lose weight without drastically reducing your caloric intake our spending hours each day on exercise. The key to doing that is…

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February 4 / Social

We all love our celebrities, and it’s good to be reminded that our favorite stars are human beings too. They’re made from flesh and bones, and even though we love to gossip about their cellulite and stretch marks, we should all…

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December 18 / Living

New moms always declare that they will not do things the way they have seen their mom do things. Your baby will sleep through the night by 2 weeks, will never cry, will have clothes without stains, and will never…

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December 18 / Social

Most of us regular women have cellulite, that is why sometimes its hard to look at celebrities and wonder how do they “get rid of cellulite”? Here are some of our favorite stunning moms who also look beautiful, even with cellulite.…

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December 17 / Smart Beauty

Acne breakouts during pregnancy are quite common. This can happen due to elevated levels of certain hormones related to pregnancy. These hormones cause an overproduction of sebum or oil, which can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. The number…

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December 16 / Social

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes had her first child with boyfriend Ryan Gosling in September 2014. The baby is named Esmerelda Amanda. Its amazing how quickly Eva was able to bounce back into shape. She was only off for one month, and…

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September 20 / Living

I had just moved into my new house – and boy was there alot of work to be done. All the bathrooms had to totally be re-done, and when they re-did the bathroom – I did not realize that the price did…

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February 10 / Living